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All RAM Rebel suspension discussions including shocks, springs, Lift-Kits, and more!

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    I am curious if anyone has found or built their own quick disconnects for the sway bar links. I know that it isn't as beneficial as if we had a solid front axle but I've heard of other off road vehicles with IFS that have done it for better off road articulation. I found some "universal" links that have a quick disconnect but nothing specific for a 4th Gen 1500 let alone the Rebel. I've attached a horrible photo that I edited to show the universal links that I found....

    Sway bar link quick disconnects

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    So I got the parts I needed to do the air ride link mod, got it done but I had to make the front links about 1/4 inch shorter than what I was reading in order to get the height I wanted. I got the 10 mm sockets, the 8 mm sockets, and the threaded rod to screw into the 8 mm sockets. For the 10 mm sockets I used cold weld epoxy and inserted the rod into the threaded portion of the 10 mm socket, worked well, rock solid. I put the truck in jack mode, then removed the existing links and...

    Air Ride sensor link mod complete, 35's installed

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    Has anyone else noticed that their new Rebel pulls hard to the left to the point that the truck will change lanes instantly when accelerating hard, and then pull to the right when decelerating?

    Plus the steering is very touchy when driving straight. I have to give it constant input with the steering wheel because I cannot find a sweet spot where it will go straight. It does not matter what speed or road I am on it is constantly drifting side to side. If I let go of the steering wheel, it...

    2016 Rebel Pills to the left when acceleration

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  • 05/16/17--12:48: Idea for a mild lift
  • So I've been reading about the adjustable links , and how the affect ride quality and so on. 2grand for a bds lift to get 4 inches is a bit much . but I was thinking and have found a 2 inch lift block for the coil truck . now I think that if you want to go coil after having airbags its just a swap, same mounting . so would it be possible to add a 2 inch block on top of the air struts and then adjust the link accordingly to get your 2 inches of lift at the normal hight setting?

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  • 06/12/17--12:21: Sway bar removal benefits
  • Anyone have or thought about removing the sway bars. I have been debating doing it for better articulation and to allow the front end to be more of a true IFS . maby even sofen up some of the ride characteristics .

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  • 06/12/17--19:36: 3D printed 1" lift links
  • there was a post on Facebook.... but now I can't find it.

    Who was making them?

    Would that be enough to run 35's?

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    Hey guys,
    I know the topic is beat to death however, I will be deciding tomorrow on which kit I should get. Any input, experiences or information you guys have would be appreciated. P.S I am fully aware of the warranty implications involved and am not interested in that type of discussion. Thanks Guys

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  • 06/25/17--12:10: Body lifts
  • I'm thinking about possibly doing a body lift along with the 4" BDS kit but don't know much about them. Some say they're ok but some mention that body lines don't match up and it could look really terrible. Any input would be appreciated .

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    I came across this info on how to level the Ram Rebel Air Suspension with a simple modification. This looks similar to what I have seen done on a Mercedes to lower the vehicle which is tricking the air ride system sensors into thinking it is at the correct height, but it is not. Let me know your thoughts. If you are brave enough to try it and it works let me know that also.......

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  • 07/18/17--09:28: BDS 4" lift kit
  • Finally got my truck back after a slight mix up with BDS. This is the comparison of before and after. Went with the 35" Toyo Open Country and the 20" Fuel Vapors [​IMG]

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    this is how the truck should have come from the factory

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  • 08/28/17--11:55: Photos wheel spacers
  • does any one have photos with 1.5 wheel spacers

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  • 09/12/17--15:35: Other lifts?
  • Is anyone aware of any other suspension manufacturers planning on a lift kit for our Rebel's? Would be nice to have a few options.

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    Ram 1500 Long Travel Kit
    I can't find specs anywhere on what the actual travel of the front air shocks is? It would be awesome to retain the air ride but have the long travel and increased track width.

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    2017 RAM 1500 Lift Kits Available Now!

    The 1623H is now officially compatible with the 15-18 Rebels!

    "he new Rebel compatibility comes from a pair of Rebel specific ride height sensor brackets now included in the standard kits to ease installation"


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    Hey Guys,

    I like the idea of being able to change the ride height of my truck, but don't like the idea of the computer controlling it. These are a few things I've heard on YouTube.

    1. You can't drive in the lowest "entry/exit" mode. I would love this to fit into low clearance garages.
    2. It lowers our of the tallest offroad height at road speed.
    3. It lowers further at highway speed.

    Here are my questions:

    a) Is the above accurate?
    b) Can any of these automatic controls be disabled in...

    Computer controlled air ride height

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  • 01/04/18--21:48: BDS 4" lift questions...
  • To you guys with the BDS 4" lift and 35s...could I trouble one of you for a couple measurements? Id like to know the ground to top of the tailgate height in normal and entry/exit mode as well as the ground to top of the cab height in both those modes as well. TIA.

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  • 01/23/18--17:06: What are these?
  • Can someone please explain to me what these are. They are on the frame under the driver and passenger doors. They appear to be rusty metal weights? My truck is a 2018 Ram Rebel that is two weeks old.

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